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Uploading Blobs to Azure without certificates etc ?

Jun 20, 2011 at 8:09 AM

I am keen to push Photos, Videos etc from my Apps up onto the Web Service, or Azure from my WP7 App.   I am writing a WP7 App which requires fiels to be uploaded to a website/ service.

This WP7 Azure Toolkit starts off with a sample of Blob storage. Unfortunately it involves the User accepting Certificates, Authentication etc.

This is totally alien to the end user, who does not expect to be presented with such awkward and messy authentication mechanisms. In the world of Facebook, Flicker etc, where only their accounts, if any re requried to upload files are required. End Users expect to be presented with a 'it just works' for without all this excessive authentication overhead.  I am used to having to database hidden behind WCF service, so that I only expose specific wcf methods, and hence I also don't have to pass connection strings onto my clients.

Anyone know how to get BLOBS onto Azure from a user facing Web site, or WP7 App, through an Azure service without imposing such Certificates and Authentication imposition upon the end users ?

BTW And I have got WCF services set up on Azure, protecting my Azure database behind WCF service, and so hiding my databae connections etc from end user. All works out pretty neat with Visual Studio LinqToSQL seeing my online Azure database to code up my Azure exposed Web services.

Any suggestions, or shared experience appreciated