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Bug found & fixed in storage client library

Feb 12, 2012 at 5:26 PM

When calling CloubQueue.GetMessage(visibilityTimeout, callback), an exception is raised with a bad querystring format error.

The bug is in the CloudQueue class in the InnerGetMessages(messageCount, peek, visibilitytimeout, callback) method :

Line 367, replace :

                var visibilityQueryString = visibilitytimeout.HasValue ? string.Concat("visibilitytimeout=", visibilitytimeout.Value.TotalSeconds) : string.Empty;


With :

                var visibilityQueryString = visibilitytimeout.HasValue ? string.Concat("&visibilitytimeout=", visibilitytimeout.Value.TotalSeconds) : string.Empty;


That fixes the issue.